Aims & Scope

The purpose of The Journal is to support and inspire Christian educators in higher education by providing an open forum for the exchange of scholarship related to teaching and learning, including discovery (research), integration (synthesis), application (practice), and teaching (instruction).

The Mission Behind Christian Educators

Called by God, Christian educators allow their faith to influence (either directly or indirectly) all that they do in and out of the classroom. They transform their students by inspiring love for God and others and by stimulating intellectual curiosity and creativity. The ability to teach is a gift from God, and those who are truly called to teach have a desire to see learning take place. It is this desire that inspires the Christian educator to be innovative, striving to continuously improve lectures, labs, assignments, or other aspects of classroom instruction. But beyond innovation is documentation.

The Mission Behind the Journal and the Scholarship

This interdisciplinary journal provides an open forum for Christian educators to share with their peers documented teaching practices, research, and other scholarly works. The hope is that in sharing their scholarly work, Christian educators will find fulfillment not only in ministering to their students but also in encouraging their fellow educators to excel in teaching. The scholarship of teaching and learning quantitatively documents the changes that take place in the learning process. The uniqueness of this journal is that these documented changes in learning can not only be attributed to the innovative teaching practice, but also to the integration of Christian faith, whether directly or indirectly. It is this Christian perspective of scholarship that sets the Journal apart.