Submission Steps

The following provides general guidelines regarding the submission process and describes the types of communication authors can receive after submitting a manuscript to The Journal.

General Guidelines

Submissions are welcome at any time. However the following deadlines apply:

  • December 1 - Deadline for all submissions
  • February 1 - Deadline for Content Editors' review and recommendation
  • June 1 - Annual publication

All submissions must conform to the most recent edition of APA guidelines. Exceptions are cited under the format guidelines. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically via email with attachment(s) to sotl_ched@oru.edu. The naming convention for the file is the author’s last name and date submitted (e.g. Baker 01_01_06.doc).

Note: In accordance with double-blind procedures, the file will be is given a manuscript number and renamed before being sent to the copyeditor and reviewers.

Methods and Types of Communication

Email is the only mode of communication utilized, and communication will be is with the primary author only. The primary author will be is notified that the manuscript has been received and will be is kept apprised of each step in the review process. The primary author is notified of acceptance and editorial process, deadlines, approximate publication date, and any responsibilities the author may have in terms of revisions, source-checking materials, etc. The primary author is responsible for securing copyrights and/or permissions for any materials used in the manuscript.

Each author must sign an Agreement to Publish document that includes a statement of copyright assignment to Oral Roberts University. The primary author is notified of the manuscript's rejection. This notification may or may not include all or part of the reviewers' comments. All electronic versions and hard copies of a rejected manuscript will be deleted by the editors and reviewers.

Checklist for Authors

Provides an easy-to-print checklist to submitting a publishable work to The Journal.