Objective: To accurately know the influence of teacher training on the Moodle platform and English learning in ESL students at a Latin American university. Materials and Methods: For this pre-experimental study, the pre- and post-tests were applied to a sample of 29 students and then processed with the SPSS (Statistical Analysis Software) program. Results: The pre-test reached an average score of 13.86 compared to the post-test, which reached an average score of 17.83. This indicates a positive influence with an increase of 3.97 points, P =000. Therefore, the hypothesis stating that ESL students are able to learn in a virtual class is accepted. In the four specific hypotheses, increases of 4.00, 3.50, 3.74 and 4.20 points between the pre- and post-tests, respectively, verify the improvements. Conclusion: We can conclude that there is a positive influence with the Moodle platform teacher training in the learning of English as a second language. Clear evidence is shown in the increase of 3.97 points between the pre- and post-tests, which indicate an academic progress of the students of a regular average to very good.





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