This paper presents a mathematical decision-making tool that is easy to use and express mathematically, requires only a little mathematical expertise, and gives results that are easy to interpret. The tool has been used extensively as part of a term project in a precalculus class. The decision-making process forces students to consider the Christian ideals of faith, morals, and ethics, and to use them in a quantitative form in order to make their decision. The overall success of the tool comes from the integration of several different kinds of student learning experiences in a properly designed project. That is to say, the student must look deeply into his or her own core values in an effort to quantify his or her feelings toward God, faith, morals, and ethics. This decision-making mathematical tool is something that students can take with them as they journey through life. It is the primary objective of this paper to identify the tool, to show how it is used, and to encourage other Christian educators to use it in their classes too.



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