During a senior capstone course in instructional methods, teacher candidates participated in a discussion regarding what the essentials are for good teaching in light of biblical principles—a discussion integrating biblical principles and content knowledge acquired as they progressed through the College of Education. Genesis 1:26-28 indicates that mankind was created to rule over God’s earth in His name. Arguably, this mandate is the basis for all civilizations and cultures. From this perspective, one purpose of school could be to give students power tools for exercising dominion; school prepares students for work and their work declares the Glory of God. As a result of these instructional conversations, the teacher candidates embarked on the following task: create a checklist (i.e., Ten Commandments) of enduring educational principles supported by biblical principles that should be adhered to for successfully educating students who are prepared to go into every person’s world. Following are four lists created for the areas of Classroom Management, English Language Learning, Special Education, and Interactive Learning.



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